Shaping Sugar – Amelia Desnoyers – (France)

        Kingdom: Vegetabile. //Description “Sugar is a basic cooking product, It is a solid material, which can be transformed into a liquid and back to a different solid again. The transformation of this eatable product opens possibilities for experimenting ephemeral shapes and designs. From the chemical reaction of sugar, water and glucose… Continue reading Shaping Sugar – Amelia Desnoyers – (France)

Artichair – Kizis Studio – (Greece)

        Kingdom: Vegetabile. //Description “The artichoke thistle is an edible plant that has been harvested in central and western Mediterranean regions since ancient times. One of the most prevalent plant species in Greece, the artichoke thistle is well adapted to dry climates and has been identified as a promising natural resource for… Continue reading Artichair – Kizis Studio – (Greece)

Crafting Plastics – Vlasta Kubušová & Miroslav Král– (Germany)

        Kingdom: Vegetabile. //Description “The cp! bioplastic was developed by the team of Prof. Pavel Alexy at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Compared to conventional bioplastics from 100% renewable resources, it performs uniquely well in daily use. Research conducted during Master Studies at University of Arts in Berlin became an important… Continue reading Crafting Plastics – Vlasta Kubušová & Miroslav Král– (Germany)

The Flax Project – Christien Meindertsma – (The Netherlands)

      Kingdom: Vegetabile. //Description “Flax is a material which used to be one of the most important textile fibres in the Netherlands, it was grown and processed into all kinds of textiles. Nowadays flax is farmed in much smaller quantities and is mainly shipped to China to be processed further. With the Flax… Continue reading The Flax Project – Christien Meindertsma – (The Netherlands)

Terroir – Jonas Edvard, Nikolaj Steenfatt – (Denmark)

        Kingdom: Vegetabile. //Description “The project contains a new material developed from seaweed and paper and is created as a research into local materials. By combining seaweed and paper the designers have created a tough and durable material. It is best described as a warm and tactile surface with the softness of… Continue reading Terroir – Jonas Edvard, Nikolaj Steenfatt – (Denmark)

MYX – Jonas Edvard – (Denmark)

      Kingdom: Vegetabile. //Description “MYX consist of plant fibre and mushroom-mycelium. The material is grown into shape during a period of two to three weeks, where the mushroom mycelium grows together the plant fibres into a flexible and soft living textile. After two weeks, you can harvest the healthy Oyster mushrooms. The waste… Continue reading MYX – Jonas Edvard – (Denmark)

The Growing Lab – Officina Corpuscoli – (The Netherlands)

  Kingdom: Vegetabile. //Description “One of the main challenges of the current century is to transform our consumption-oriented economic system into an eco-friendly and self-sustaining society, capable of minimising energy consumption, carbon emissions and the production of waste, while reducing production costs. Mycelium is the fast-growing, vegetative part of fungi, consisting of a tight network of interconnected… Continue reading The Growing Lab – Officina Corpuscoli – (The Netherlands)